Week 7



I hope everyone had a great week. We were busy this week and I couldn’t be happier. This week we installed the M-RX 130 rot-10 with the topCLEAR 16 Super 4 washer. I love getting these machines into production and seeing how happy they are when they increase their production. I honestly love this machine and it is one of my favorite machines to sell. It feels good to sell a working and reliable machine that is easy to stand behind! We also had a customer from the west coast fly in to see the machine, and as quick as that we have another machine sold! This really is the best machine on the market for milling and drilling and I am excited to see all of the happy customers and start new relationships as we go. Sorry to go on so much but it is great to see the success of this machine.


I am looking forward to strengthening our relationship with IGA. These guys are an absolute joy to work with. This was the first MRX install I was able to go to and it was amazing how great the customers are to work with. We all had a great time and appreciate IGA choosing us for their machinery needs. I am hoping to get back that way next week to check in. I really enjoy being there and offering assistance where I can. It also nice to meet people you speak to in person and get to know them on a different level. These are not just customers they are friends!

I also had a chance to meet a new customer this week. Brand new to us, because we have never had the opportunity to work with them before. I can’t wait to build this relationship as we work on getting their M-RX installed.


I am also happy to announce that the Hole hornet is out performing the other drill bits on the market and I also have some great new options for routers and combination tools for your guys. I have been working with our vendor and we are finishing up testing of these bits to make sure they are the best you will ever use.

I am finishing this up and then getting to work on a few things for TEXpo and then I am going to work on details for the NGA show this year in Las Vegas!!  I hope to see you all soon and if you need anything in the meantime give us a call.














TEXpo 2018 San Antonio TX

Week 5 1/29-2/2/18





Welcome to the new Machines and Wheels Blog. I decided that this would be a great forum to show you some of our day to day happenings. You will also find news and dates for things you don’t want to miss.

This has been a busy productive week for us all. Garland and Gray installed a rebuilt washer for a customer. Many upgrades were made and the machine is better than new! Most importantly we have another happy customer.

Scottie and I travelled to IGA this week to finalize layouts and power, water and air requirements for their upcoming installation. The have purchased the M-RX and the topCLEAR washer for their facility. We are looking forward to getting this machine installed for them.

I am also gearing up for the Glass TEXpo in San Antonio this May. I am so excited, I loved San Antonio two years ago. It is a beautiful city. I think we are going to fly into Dallas first of the week and stop in to say hi, to a few of you guys. I am glad Scottie will be attending with me, if not I might accidentally miss my flight home 🙂 If you need any details please let me know and I will make sure you have everything that you need to attend.

I am taking trade in left and right lately, stay tuned to see what goes into a compete rebuild, Machines and Wheels, style!

Have a wonderful weekend


Another successful installation