Stefiglass 1600

Call for specific needs, there are varied options.


This is a machine with fully stainless steel structure with doors and internal anti spraying lexan. The brushes are driven by 4 independent motors and the fan is equipped with a gate valve with high efficiency. This is a vertical washing machine optimized for the production of insulating glass, especially suitable for heavy and continuous use. Thanks to its 6 brushes meet the standards for industrial cleaning are among the highest. Particularly suitable for on-line applications, can also be combined with robotic systems. Made exclusively in close version, allows you to wash a glass minimum of L = 320 H = 150. Features a wash / rinse completely area in stainless steel with an ample drying area. Both areas of the machine can be accessed by opening doors, fitted in the drying area of micro electrical safety. The mechanical movement is placed in the lower part, below the crankcase. In the upper part is placed the motorization for the brushes, constituted by 2 motors for version 4 brushes and 4 motors for version with 6 brushes. The standard configuration includes the front brushes type low-e glass and rear normal type. The working speed of the machine is from 1 to 5 m / min