Drill 101

A numeric control 6 axis drilling machine.


DRILL 101 is a numeric control 6 axis drilling machine designed for producing holes and countersinks of any type on straight flat sheet glass with thicknesses of 4 to 20 mm.
The machine is composed of six interpolated axes, X XG Y V Z W, and two electrospindles positioned opposite one another creating a dead centre system that drills perfect holes.


  • 2 tool charger with 8 stations each;
  • 2 electrospindles of  3 kW up to 6.000 rev/min. with internal liquid passage for cooling  the tool;
  • 1 entrance shoulder roller;
  • 1 exit shoulder roller;
  • 1 pick-up system for the forward movement of the glass;
  • 1 numerical control NC CNI;
  • Set of user’s manuals for the machine and the numerical control;
  • automatic lubrication system.