Skill SFill


SKILL SFILL is a 9-axis, numerical control vertical grinding and arrissing machine for the automatic arrissing, grinding and polishing of flat or shaped sheet glass (shaped only on 3 sides) with a thickness of 4 – 20 mm.

The machine is composed of nine axes and two electrospindles mounted side by side. One electrospindle works on the underside of the flat base of the glass while the other follows the profile of the shaped glass according to the shape pre-programmed into the numerical control


  • The machine can carry out multiple processes:
  • GRINDING: this process is carried out using diamond grinders with a diameter of 150 mm on flat or shaped glass, even if layered or treated.
  • POLISHING: it can be carried out on large surfaces with 150 mm diameter grinders.
  • ARRISSING: can be carried out with both heads with peripheral V-shaped diamond grinding wheels.
  • The out-of-square measurement must be less than the routing of the tool used for the processing.