Buffalo Felt Products

Buffalo Felt Products Corporation

Buffalo Felt Products, in Seneca, NY, provides high quality felt for industries that range from A to Z.. From protecting glass to polishing glass, to everything in between, Buffalo Felt Products is able to supply expertly manufactured pressed or needle-punched felt for every glass fabrication job.

Aside from supplying the highest quality felt sheets, Buffalo Felt also has the capability to convert or customize felt sheets to meet a variety of necessary sizes and shapes. With more than 30 years of experience, Buffalo Felt has specialized in felt processing with:

  • Glass Felt
  • Equestrian Felt
  • Craft Felt
  • Music Felt
  • Felt Stripping
  • Felt Sleeves
  • Felt Wheels
  • SAE Pressed Felt
  • Needle Punched Felt

Buffalo Felt provides the best quality felt for the glass fabrication industry, and beyond. Let Machines & Wheels help you with any questions you may have about Buffalo Felts product line.

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