Diamond & Resin Wheels

For over 25 years Machines and Wheels has worked diligently with customers and vendors to design the standard best wheel setups the industry has to offer. Machines and Wheels offers solid band and segmented metal bond wheels. These wheels are durable providing a long life while still maintaining excellent stock removal for the life of the wheel. Metal bonded wheels are provided in cup and peripheral types.

Resin Bonded wheels are free cutting wheels that typically follow metal bonded diamonds and provide the satin pre-polish prior to the polishing section. Resin wheels are available in multiple grits, solid, segmented, turbo, and wide-faced styles. Res/Met wheels work perfect in the arris positions and allow for a more consistent polish than stone wheels, while when paired with polish wheels create an exceptional high polish.

Peripheral wheels are most commonly run for profiles like the pencil edge, ogee, waterfall, and bullnose. The peripheral wheels supplied by Machines and Wheels, have a true 7mm of bond depth to the bottom of the radius, compared with the usual 3-4 mm of bond depth found in wheels sold by other suppliers. These wheels have an extremely long life with the possibility of retruing several times. These wheels can run at high speeds without causing chipping.