Glass Polishing Wheels

Machines and Wheels offers several different types of polishing wheels: Cup, peripheral, arris, cerium impregnated, and felt. Cup polishing wheels use the face of the wheel to accomplish the polish, this extends the life of wheels because of the increased surface area. There are several varieties available to meet the fabricators most rigorous needs. The final polish is achieved with a cerium impregnated cup polish wheel that leaves a polish similar to that of the felt polish without having the cerium slurry to contend with.  Peripheral polish wheels are used on many types of machines in varied applications. Peripheral polish wheels. These wheels take on the profile of the edge that is being polished, these wheels are available flat or pre-profiled to reduce break in time. There are many different options for peripheral polish wheels depending on the application and desired result. Felt wheels come in two options. The natural wool felt option and the spiral wound option. Natural wool felts produce an extremely high polish. Spiral wound felts are a more durable option that still provides an excellent polish.