Used Glass Machinery and Support

We Sell Used Glass Machinery

Machines and Wheels frequently offers sales of used glass machines in two categories:

  • Machines that we’ve rebuilt from the ground up and certified ourselves.
  • Machines that customers are looking to sell.

These can be used glass machines from virtually every category of machine we sell including:

  • Used glass edgers
  • Used and/or rebuilt glass drilling machines
  • Used glass shaping machines
  • Other types of used glass processing machinery

About Our Rebuild Process

All of our rebuilt machinery has a workmanship warranty and pricing is usually about half of what a new machine costs. To provide as much flexibility in cost as possible we can:

  • Install the rebuilt machine for you and include the installation fee in the machine cost. 
  • Or, you can simply pay to have it shipped to your shop and perform your own install.


Our rebuilt glass machines are essentially new machines, torn down to the frame and rebuilt from the ground up using all-new mechanical parts. Each machine is thoroughly tested before we let it out the door and into your business. To support the quality of our work we offer a warranty on our rebuilt glass machines. You will be making a solid and safe investment in a rebuilt machine with quality and longevity as well as saving money.

Machines and Wheels offers highly professional consulting by a senior staff that has decades of practical experience in the glass industry knowing how to help your business with the following:

  • The most efficient setup and use of your new or used industrial glass machines.
  • In arranging your shop for maximum ease of process flow and output.
  • Identifying and setting up multiple machinery types for large scale projects.


In addition, we offer the very best service packages for our machinery maintained by the friendliest, most knowledgeable folks in the industry.

We invite you to call 1-336-373-0777  or contact us with any industrial glass industry issue or question you want to know more about and we promise to help you find a solution!