How To Choose the Right Glass Beveling Machine for Your Business

For a glass production business owner or shop manager who knows the business of glass beveling machines and is looking for a new or used glass beveling machine, it is very useful to first make a list, at least mentally, of the following factors to have in mind before your discussion with a glass machine vendor like Machines and Wheels. Consider the following factors when selecting the right machine for your business:

  1. Glass Type: Each of the glass types that you will be working with plays a significant role in determining the right beveling machine. Example questions could include will you be running shapes, or straight pieces?
  2. Glass Thickness Range: Determine ahead of time the broadest range of glass thicknesses that you will be working with.
  3. Beveling Size: What range of bevel sizes do your most common applications require?
  4. Machine Speed: How high a volume of work do you currently have and also how high do you anticipate needing to keep up with demand.
  5. Machine Size: Choosing the right machine size is critical to the needs of the business while also being cost-effective and easy to maintain. Factors to consider are:
    • Production needs: The amount and type of glass that needs to be processed on a regular basis.
    • Available space: A measured knowledge of how much space you have to work with, if it’s a smaller area, so that the Machines and Wheels staff can have that information to work with.
    • Technical specifications: Any technical specifications of the machine that you know you will need or want because of the requirements of your personal shop. We will ask for your power requirements. Typically in the US this is 220v or 480v, 3 phase power. We do offer inverters if you do not have 3 phase power. Machines and Wheels also can make custom wheel set ups for your specific applications to achieve the best polish.
  6. Maintenance requirements: Maintenance requirements of the machine you are considering should also be something you discuss with your representative. Will you perform your own maintenance or do you prefer having Machines and Wheels perform that for you?

When you work with Machines and Wheels there are service and maintenance agreements available to help ensure proper maintenance and increase the lifespan of each machine that we sell. These agreements can be included in the sale or added at any time. There are also spare parts packages available to ensure that all parts that most frequently can have issues are readily available, just ask your rep.

Selecting the right glass beveling machine is a critical decision that requires expert knowledge. By considering the above factors and having answers to the questions above, at least in your head, you can have an informed discussion with your Machines and Wheels rep and find the perfect machine quicker.