Goldglass Technologies


Goldglass Technologies,from Israel. is a global leader in new technologies and product development for the glass fabrication industry. Thanks to the time-saving invention of their amazingly efficient automatic glass painting machine, Goldglass is now known worldwide as the creators of a wide variety of revolutionary glass finishing equipment.


Top 3 innovations by Goldglass:

  • Lift Master: An innovative vertical glass accumulator, designed to improve industrial lines and standalone machines by controlling item movement, thereby avoiding bottlenecks and increasing production.
  • Glass Painting Machine: A revolutionary painting machine that is one of the most advanced and efficient glass finishing products on the market today.
  • The Glass Dryer: A state-of-the-art glass paint dryer, featuring automatic detection, with fast and efficient drying times.


The professionals at Goldglass never stop working to create top-of-the-line machines. Reach out to us at Machines & Wheels for more information on the many glass processing products at Goldglass.