Garland Goddard

Technical Support

GarlandGarland  started  in the glass  industry in 1987  at Stroup Mirror Company  and worked his way to CNC  operator. He left Stroup and  came to Machines and Wheels in  2000. Garland has contributed in all  aspects of Machines and Wheels and is  currently installing, rebuilding and servicing  machines. His experience enables him to help in  all facets of the business from technical assistance  and phone service to taking orders and rebuilding machines.  Garland has proven to be a dependable and knowledgeable employee.  In his spare time Garland can be found watching his grandchildren play  baseball and camping with his wife.

“I do what I do because I love it. I find enjoyment in being able to help solve others problems. Helping people is something that I strive to do and working for Machines and Wheels I am allowed that joy everyday