From Hungary, Schraml has enjoyed a highly respected position as expert manufacturers of machinery for glass fabricating and processing. They began a successful entry into glass fabrication in 2016, and from there have been a preferred provider of a wide variety of efficient and effective machinery including:

The topDRILL Glass Drilling Machine – Still is the original vertical glass drilling machine, topDRILL was the first system of this type to be produced in series and is used by hundreds of companies worldwide.

All topDRILL systems offer:

Highly logical and user-friendly operation

  • Simple positioning of large panes
  • No scratches or risk of broken glass
  • Small footprint and compact dimensions
  • Controlled water flow – additional splash guard
  • Very robust and compact frame with small footprint
  • The systems can be expanded at any time


The MRX G7 Glass Drilling and Milling Machine – A processing center that is fully automated and ensures the efficient and effortless processing of flat glass with its high-speed and flexible features. It offers:

  •    10-position revolver drill head at front and rear
  •    Dynamic vacuum belts with shape detection
  •    Super-compact, space-saving design  
  •    Flexible in all directions
  •    Drill and countersink holes in the most individual design from both sides
  •    Milling operations without technical restrictions in size and shape
  •    Tool change even during processing on the opposite side
  •    Tool change and revolver controlled by servo drives


The GLX P1 Grinding and polishing machine – This machine allows you to grind and polish glass edges quickly and fully automatically, making its the perfect solution for businesses looking to streamline their glass fabricating operations. Here are its highlights:  

  •    Comprehensive water splash protection for better maintenance and longevity
  •    Water cushion as sheet tracking means unmatched precision and quality
  •    Convenient maintenance access and well thought-out maintenance concept
  •    Twice as fast cycle time compared to all-in-one machines
  •    Specialization of the grinding head allows significantly better grinding quality
  •    Beveled edges or shapes with curves are possible without any problems
  •    Fully integrated and yet stand-alone – allows flexible use as required


The topCLEAR glass washing machines – For over 15 years, topCLEAR glass washing machines have been known on the market for offering excellent value for money. Their selling points are their mature, solid construction as well as the exclusive use of stainless and durable materials. Here are some other advantages:

  • User-friendly operation
  • Easy maintenance through doors in the front and back
  • Sound absorption box for fan plus drying zone
  • Extremely robust and compact frame with a small base area
  • Reduced roller spacing for small glass sheets
  • Possibility for extension, even later on:
  • Extension modules, manual or automatic


INNODIA diamond tools – A series of high-quality, highly practical tools especially for drilling, milling and counter sinking in flat glass processing. The wide range of INNODIA drills offer:

  • Increased diamond concentration for optimum feed
  • Slotted drills for perfect cooling
  • Special binding for comfortable drilling behavior
  • Standard dimensions available around the clock
  • Incomparable price-performance ratio


The combiFIN Vertical Processing Line – The process all comes together with this fast and efficient type of vertical processing of medium-sized glass formats. combiFIN combines intelligent processing devices (GLX P1. MRX G7, topDRILL & topCLEAR) into a logical unit and also allows the individual components to be used independently.


The Schraml family of glass fabrication machines complete the work with expert precision. Call us today at Machines & Wheels for more information on Schraml and all they have to offer.