The Italmole Company

The Italmole company, providing high quality polishing solutions, was founded in 1978. They maintain that the secret of such long-lasting success is determined by the “attention it has always given to its customers, carrying forward the philosophy of technological research and great expertise in the sector”. This philosophy has held true for Machines & Wheels, as our association has been a successful one.

Some of Italmole’s superior glass polishing wheels include:

  • BD: Excellent polishing, constant quality and ease of use have decreed the success of this grinding wheel.  
  • Maraextra – BB – Euroflex: A grinding wheel characterized by softness.
  • B-Star: A compact grinding wheel created exclusively for CNC machines.
  • Astra: New technology wheel, silent and super polishing.
  • One: Known for its polishing without scratches.
  • OnePlus: High hardness for polishing small thickness glass.
  • Lux – Lux6 – Lux3: An elastic and rigid grinding wheel at the same time.
  • Ultra: Grinding wheel with high polishing and durability performance.
  • Flex: A grinding wheel between the BD and the B-Star.
  • Vega: This grinding wheel adapts very well to the shape of the engraving.
  • AB3: Good removal power, for creating and polishing the thread in the absence of a diamond grinding wheel.
  • AB4: Delivers a brilliant and perfect polish.


This line-up of products will keep your glass processing company productive and profitable. Contact Machines & Wheels with any questions for more information about The Italmole Company.