CNC Vertical Glass Grinding & Arrising Machine

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Vertical CNC-guided system for grinding and polishing flat glass


Key Advantages

  • This vertical grinding machine is for grinding and polishing glass sheets and shapes with at least one straight edge in just one clamping process-ensures maximum precision and dimensional accuracy
  • Can be used as a stand-alone device or integrated into a combiFIN processing line
  • Edge-parallel tracking of the grinding head through highly dynamic water cushion system
  • Manual quick-change system for tool packs (automatic 12-fold changer available as an option)
  • Uncomplicated maintenance and easy access to all components
  • Compact construction- all components required for operation are integrated in the device (control cabinet, vacuum tank)
  • Internal cabling largely protected and integrated in the device
  • Including lubrication, tool extractor and polishing wheel grooving unit

Function and Sequence

  • Creation of process drawing for glass sheet with corresponding geometrics directly on the machine or optional import via the network
  • Automatic data splitting as soon as drilled holes or cut-outs are also included in the processing…with existing line network with combiFIN- data transfer to the processing machine
  • Positioning of the cut glass sheet on the machine in-feed
  • Release of the glass sheet by the operator (during manual operation)
  • Automatic check for availability of required processing tools
  • Automatic detection of the reference edge by the machine, even when processing shapes or radii
  • Automatic transfer into the machine compartment and execution of edge processing
  • At the end of the processing cycle, the glass sheet is automatically transported out of the processing cabin or passed on to the downstream machine


  • Glass Transport: by means of two-part feed system- vacuum suction cup and transport rollers with slip clutch
  • Tool diameter nominal(mm): 80 (3 tools)
  • Angle (degrees): 7
  • Glass running height(mm):600

Performance Data

  • processing size (mm): 3210×2000
  • processing size (mm): 470×180
  • Glass thickness min (mm): 4
  • glass thickness (mm): 12
  • glass weight (kg/m): 100
  • Grinding speed up to 15m/min
  • Transport speed up to 30m/min
  • Machinability of round corners or butted edges without loss of cycle time
  • Machinability of all rectangles and shapes (prerequisite: a straight set-up edge)


Operating data and installation Requirements

  • Connected load (kW):26
  • pre-fuse 50 Amp
  • TN-S power network
  • Compressed air connection 6 bar, 130 l/min
  • Water connection 2×1 inch (pure water + circulation)
  • Water consumption (water treatment-approx. (l/h): 1500
  • Dimensions (mm): 7640 x 3130 x 3830 (width, depth, height)
  • Total Weight (kg): 6600 (ready for operation)
  • Can be used as a standalone device or integrated into a combiFIN processing line