GD7000 Glass Dryer

GD7000 Glass Drying Machine:

A powerful glass drying machine, either as a standalone or interfaced with the MRC-2350-CI/MRC2850-M


The GD7000 Glass Dryer

A new standard of efficiency with drying times shorter than ever!


The GD7000 is a powerful glass drying machine, either standalone or interfaced with the MRC-2350-CI/MRC-2850-M. It is characterized by simple operation, economical energy consumption, and high efficiency. Not only that it won’t splurge on kilowatts, but thanks to its compact dimensions and smart design, it will also use up as little of your precious floor space as possible.

Advantages and Features:

  • Quality IR (infrared) elements are tailored to fit various painting materials.
  • IR layout matches actual glass width, providing accurate heat application with no energy loss
  • Seperate temperature controls for each heating zone.
  • Simple to use and adjust
  • Includes advanced cooling module, facilitating further procedures without delay.
  • Quick touch-and-go installation and operation
  • Low energy consumption-total power in use 18kW
  • Compatible with Goldglass MRC2350-CI/MRC-2850-M glass painting machine and Lift Master vertical accumulator