SELIM SE9M Glass Edging Machine

A straight line flat glass edging machine


The Selim SE9M is a straight line flat edging machine with 8 spindles capable of producing flat and flat with arris profiles. Two  cup diamond wheels are followed by 2 sets of 45° arrising wheels (a diamond and polishing wheel for the front and back arris). These are followed by 2 cup polishing wheel to polish the flat edge and 1 cerium impregnated wheel in the final position for a more brilliant polish. Inlet and outlet conveyors use timing belts for long life and precise operation.  A mechanical stepless reducer adjusts the conveyor speed, and the glass thickness is adjusted with a hand wheel on the right side of the machine body.


Power requirement:as per customer request
Glass thickness:3-26 mm (1/8” -1”)
Minimum glass size:100 mm x 100 mm (4”x4”)
Conveyor speed:0.5 – 3 m/min (19”-118” /min)
Inlet conveyor height:800mm (32”)
Total weight:2800 kg (6,173 lbs)
Length:6900 mm (272”)
Width:1200 mm (47.25”)
Height:2500 mm (110.25”)