Metral FNG Shape Edger/Beveller


Perhaps the most versatile shape machine in the market, the FNG series from Metral offers a wide range of production capabilities. The machine features a unique 110° head tilt which allows production of bevels with angles up to 89° as well as the possibility of polishing the bevels out with a peripheral felt wheel, the best way to do it. Similarly, the wide head angle feature allows the production of grooves in the surface of a glass piece for decorative purposes. These grooves can be polished and can be up to 1″ wide using the same wheel. Edge working is of course standard procedure – the machine can edge and polish all glass thicknesses and all profiles, including OG, Waterfall, Bullnose, etc.

Built for ease of use, the machine has many user-friendly features, such as snap-in pre-loaded wheel hubs, Vernier precision radius bar for very precise wheel adjustment, plug-in small parts adaptor unit for running small pieces down to 4″ diameters, quick-connect cerium polish system with cerium tank/pump built into the arm. Well respected throughout the industry (over 2,000 sold worldwide), the machine is used by both large and small companies for shape working of all kinds.