Metral DFG Shape Edging Machine


The DFG Edging Machine from Metral is designed for production of virtually any edge profile on regular and irregular shapes. Profiles such as OG, Waterfall, Bullnose, Triple Pencil Edge are standard for this machine along with the usual Flat Edge and Pencil Edge. The machine features a sturdy belt-driven head with a multi-wheel mount spindle. In this way, wheels may be adjusted vertically for successive grinding/polishing operations. A simple vertical stop system allows transition from one wheel to another in a matter of seconds.

The table has rotation with speed control or the operator can work with the table stationary, moving back and forth over the edge to be profiled. A precise radius device allows the production of circles without operator intervention. Standard extension devices allow production of pieces up to 100” in diameter with rotation of the piece. The DFG is a well proven piece of equipment designed for years of trouble-free use.