M-RX Roto 10

topDRILL M-RX is designed for extremely fast and very straightforward processing of glass doors, shower doors, kitchen splash backs or similar products in typically small batches. All cutouts and holes are machined in one operation only!

Milling, grinding, drilling and countersinking in one cycle thanks to onboard tool revolver and rapid tool-change without movement of processing heads.

In our opinion the outside edges of your glass sheets should be grinded with an external device, because in this way a higher quality is achieved at a lower cost.



M-RX Roto 10

CNC drilling and milling center in vertical construction, fully automatic

 Key Advantages

Sophisticated Design

  • Storage magazine, front+rear with 10 +1 tools each-directly on the processing head
  • Reinforced compact design with integrated auxiliary and operating elements
  • Sophisticated concept, hundreds of topDrill machines installed worldwide
  • Glass Fixing only via vacuum system on the rear side, coated glass lites possible
  • All drives by servos, fully automatic processing without manual operation
  • Working height only 600mm for the easiest of loadings, practically no set-up times.

Easy Operation

  • Extremely versatile and very easy to use thanks to specially developed software
  • Standard processing in the shortest of times, can be programmed even without CAD software
  • Practically no set-up and loading times, glass inlet and fully automatic measurement
  • Automatic allocation and cutting optimization of the work tool types and diameters
  • Automatic speed adjustment in poor vacuum conditions
  • Maintenance interval display with preview and listing of all typical work
  • Extensive archive, statistics, and evaluation possibilities with export function

Versatile system

  • Rotating direction freely selectable from right to left (left to right on request)
  • Use of drills, countersinks, milling cutters, and combi tools possible
  • Modular design with selectable modules, extension possible at any time
  • Compact design combined with state-of-the-art technology for maximum performance

Function and operating sequence

  • Creation of process drawing for glass sheet with corresponding geometries and directly on the machine. Data can be optimally imported directly or as a .dxf file via your computer network (not included as standard)
  • Positioning of the cut or processed glass sheet in any desired position on the machine in-feed
  • Release of the glass sheet by the operator
  • Automatic check for availability of required processing tools in the tool revolver
  • Automatic recognition of the reference edge by the machine
  • Automatic transfer to the individual processing positions and automatic implementation of drilling, countersinking, milling and grinding processes. Tools are changed automatically in the process
  • At the end of the processing cycle, the glass sheet is automatically transported out of the processing cabin.

Drill holes- characteristics

  • Glass thicknesses of 4-20mm, automatic drilling of LSG glass lites possible
  • Automatic recognition of the drill hole lengths – no parameter input necessary
  • Automatic recognition of the drill hole lengths- no parameter input necessary
  • Pre-selection for automatic countersinking for all drill holes (if required)
  • Adaptation of speed and feed, subject to glass thickness and diameter
  • Oscillation for sinking and or drilling, either front or rear, or both sides

Mill cuttings – characteristics

  • Mill cuttings are not limited in size mechanically, only software restrictions
  • Milling operations are possible at every glass sheet position, not only at the bottom
  • Milling tools can be used in all positions of the revolver- front and rear
  • Milling cutter with combined trapezoidal grinder and two-axis grinder can also be used
  • Fully automatic oscillating milling is also possible for reduced tool wear
  • Fully automatic oscillation milling is also possible for reduced tool wear
  • Fully automatic oscillation calibration for uniform tool wear
  • Special developed vacuum fixing with automatic triggering recognition
  • Automatic speed adjustment depending on vacuum and glass thickness
  • Special functions such as dynamic macros, kitchen-backs with small radii, etc.

Technical design

Durable design

  • Use of ball screws for Y and Z axes (bore strut and bore head)
  • Special vacuum belts for glass fixing for coated glass lites and special shapes (4-piece vacuum belt = 2 rows on the inlet side and 2 rows on the outlet side for secure retention and as protection against tilting)
  • All maintenance access points are t the side, assembly on a back wall is possible
  • Construction: top closed
  • Machine length (mm): 6200
  • Machine width (mm): 2900
  • Machine height (mm): 3400
  • Approximate weight (kg): 4600

Software – characteristics

  • Specially developed universal software for the machine in Windows environment
  • No CAD program required for simple processing and standard cut-outs
  • Graphic representation with zoom for glass sheet preview, mirroring possible at any time
  • Extremely simple and user-friendly operation without CNC knowledge
  • Program list with quick overview, as to whether all required tools are equipped
  • Parameter intervention at any time, even during the production sequence
  • Automatic sorting functions of processing and cut-outs for cycle time optimization,
  • Additionally with manual operation and sorting possibility (expert mode)
  • Library with saved predefined cut-outs or fittings (macros)
  • Interface to external programs optionally available
  • Extensive CAD interface for creating, importing and processing of
  • Programs optionally available, so individual macros can also be created

Performance data

  • processing height (mm): 2000 (glass edge to center drilling or milling work)
  • Tool diameter (mm): to max. 80
  • Glass thickness drilling (mm): 4-20
  • Glass thickness milling (mm): 4-20
  • Tool data: Connection R= ½ , length 75mm/max, 80 mm
  • Spindle speeds (U/min): 0-12,000 water-cooled
  • Drill feed (mm/sec): 0.1-3 digital with servo motor
  • Mill feed (mm/sec): 0.1-20 CNC controlled
  • Maximum glass weight (kg/m): 100
  • Minimum drilling glass length (mm): 600
  • Minimum drilling glass height (mm): 160
  • Minimum milling glass length (mm): 650
  • Minimum milling glass height (mm): 160
  • Maximum glass length (mm): approx. 3200; expandable due to modular design
  • Maximum glass height (mm): 2600

Installation data and operating requirements

  • Electrical connection, approx. (kW): 3/N/PE-50Hz 400V, 19kW
  • Water connection: 1 x fresh water for spindle + 1 x process water (each ½)

Scope of delivery

  • Base body with protection doors, front and rear, integrated switching, and vacuum elements
  • Panel PC with tough screen 19”, processor Intel i7, 256GB SSD hard drive and Windows 7
  • 2 extension modules, right and left in each case, transport rollers with slip clutch
  • Water collection tank made of stainless steel, two-part, below the machine, front part with rollers
  • 16 pieces toll cones, hardened, for standard tools R=1/2”
  • Operating program in Windows with graphical interface, network compatible
  • Fully integrated CAD program for easy on-site programming
  • Vacuum pump/vacuum generator (a system with approx. 200m³/h and storage vessel min. 250 liters is recommended), digital gauge and float switch for water
  • Extended comprehensive CAD program with glass-specific capabilities, e.g for the independent programming of dynamic macros
  • Fully automatic interface for your order management for direct data transfer without additional .dxf post processing (optional, e.g also using scanner, etc.)