RX-smart 5

The topDRILL 130 RX smart-5, is together with the 240 RX smart-5 the best-selling device for the
entire series. The ingenious tool changer is very fast, relatively simple and absolutely uncomplicated to use. Deep countersinking front and rear will be made without any restrictions irrespective of tool diameter. The first tool change takes place during the drilling process on the
opposite side. The high-performance spindles are water-cooled, extremely robust and durable
without high maintenance costs!

The topDrill RX Smart-5 can be integrated into a line with the GLX edge processing machine, and the topCLEAR washer for faster processing times. With the new water jet technology, produce shower doors with the fastest cycle times in the industry today.


Now available with a water jet option for faster processing times


The particular advantages of this machine are:
 Drilling and countersinking with absolute precision in one
 Design open top, no limit of the glass dimensions
 Torque control for deep countersinking without glass breakage
 Water-cooled high-performance spindles, each with 5.5 kW
 Dynamic tool change while processing
 Drilling diameter up to 80mm, glass thicknesses up to 40 mm
 Program preselection and Laminated-glass-mode standard
 Job Overview with tool preview


Glass sheet 1 x 1mt (40“ x 40“)
10 cylindrical holes
160 seconds

Glass sheet 1 x 1mt (40“ x 40“)
4 cylindrical holes
Countersinking front and rearside
160 seconds

Glass door 0,8 x 2mt
(32” x 80”) 6 holes with
320 seconds


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